Dealer Warranty Claims

Dealer Warranty


Please submit any Warranty Claims for your Voyager golf carts. For further assistance, please contact us at
Please indicate the area of concern or reason for submitting Warranty claim:

1. Electrical (includes motor, controller, head & tail lights, wire harness, brake lights, turn signal, backup camera, all switches and fuse, touchscreen)

2. Rear Differential (includes rear tires and rims)

3. Front Suspension (includes wheels, shocks, steering components, front tires and rims)

4. Battery System (includes charger, battery meter)

5. Braking System (includes brake pedal, master cylinder, brake cables, hydraulic lines, drums, rotors, brake shoes, motor brake)

6. Frame (includes bolts, windshield frame, roof supports, rear seat kit framing)

7. Body (including windshield, seats & covers, any plastic trim pieces, roof, brush guard, painted body pieces)

8. Other (Please specify below)

9. Part Numbers or Parts Needed to Complete Repair:

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