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Proudly built in the USA
Powered by Lithium Allied Batteries




The Voyager Pioneer is the perfect golf cart for the person who wants luxury and value all rolled into one without any shortcuts. A single person or a small family who wants to blaze the shorter trails and who prefers to be a flat road runner.

MSRP: Starting at $9,995


The Voyager Explorer is perfect for those who want luxury and high-quality while maintaining more numbers in the bank account. The 4-forward facing and 6-passenger, as well as the lifted and non lifted options, make this golf cart perfect for moderate to larger families who want to conquer anything from the flat road to some moderate hills.

MSRP: Starting at $11,495


The Voyager Rebel is perfect for those who want a no-limit golf cart lifestyle. It's for those who want extra luxury with lifted features, and the option to conquer the flat roads or dominate the hilly terrain. The Rebel owner wants the ability to choose their golf cart over their car for the adventures ahead, thanks to the 72 volts of lithium power flowing through this juggernaut.

MSRP: Starting at 13,995

Experience the Difference

We believe our attention to detail sets us apart from the rest. Besides the impressive lithium power and attention-grabbing golf cart style, we’ve spent extra time and attention perfecting the hand-stitched extra-plush seats, the placement of the high-tech multimedia display for best use, and the selection of our custom Gussi steering wheel for your best control and comfort, plus so much more. We invite you to experience your own ride on the Voyager – an adventure like no other.

Allied Battery is a U.S. company dedicated to providing fully supported lithium energy solutions.

• Bluetooth enabled with easy-to-use Allied app
• Fully charged in only 2-4 hours
• No maintenance required
• Protected with 8-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Become a Dealer

Join the Voyager adventure and bring these in-demand fully-loaded golf carts to your customers. With parts and accessories in stock (not to mention our very own rocket scientist), our team is committed to exceeding your golf cart and support expectations. With over a decade in the golf cart industry, we know the needs you have and the challenges you may face with your inventory and with your customers. We believe that together, we can build a better brand and disrupt the industry for good.

Meet the

Voyager Team

The team at Voyager knows a thing or two about giving golf cart dealers what they want. That’s because they’ve spent well over a decade in the golf cart industry as a dealer. Inspired by the unique needs and recent shift in the industry, the Voyager team sought to build it better.

Beyond their three high-performing lithium-powered models – the Pioneer, Explorer, and Rebel, the Voyager team is hyper-focused on the support they provide to their dealer network. Using their experience as a dealer themselves, they understand the challenges dealers often face. From providing a comprehensive floor planning option and reliable dealer customer support, to offering a full coverage warranty package and stocking a complete supply of replacement parts, it’s clear they are determined to stay miles ahead of the needs of their quickly expanding dealer network.

With the Voyager team’s dedication and experience, plus their electric vehicles’ performance and position in the market, they are clearly on the path to a successful adventure. Or as they like to say, ‘an adventure like no other’. Built in America, by Americans. Join the adventure and drive Voyager Electric Vehicles.


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Director of Sales


Director of Marketing

Mary Clarice

Director of Content


Director of Operations


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“The entire family loves our Voyager Explorer! From our first test drive, it was clear that the team at Voyager takes their workmanship seriously. It is a very comfortable and luxurious riding golf cart – even the steering wheel feels first-class! Thank you! 


Beth T.


“All I can say is Wow! Our new Voyager Rebel is a game-changer! The 72 volt lithium batteries and the lifted features are exactly what I was looking for but didn’t know existed. You can tell that great engineering went into the design of this golf cart – not to mention incredible style. Highly recommend!”


Ryan L.


“I cannot say enough good things about our new Voyager Pioneer! The no-maintenance lithium battery is probably my favorite feature, plus all of the luxury upgrades like the plush seats and smooth driving. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a high-quality golf cart with plenty of extras at a great price!  


Jeff P.


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